On the 7th of September, on the third day of this year’s FEI World Driving Championship for Young Horses Jolly & Suzy is the guest star preceded by three local bands:  Jack N’Crack, Intruders and Pick Down.

Jolly & Suzy stands for the two musicians of the band, who are present in the Hungarian musical life since more than a decade. Their party music is based on Jolly’s experience. He plays music since he was seven years old. He graduated from Liszt FerencAcademy of Music and founded the band called “Románcok” (Romances) in 1999 and in the same year the band released their first album, “Őrülten szeretlek” (Crazy in love with you) which was a Gold Record Award winner.  Jolly than met Suzy in 2009, they became partners and held a lot of concerts since then.

Written by: Ilona Cseh-Lakos
Translated by: Zsuzsánna Margit Farkas
Photo: twn.hu